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( success rate: 100% )

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Step 1: Enter the following link and download the application that gives you the page: https://bit.ly/2pTGp88 Step 2: Install the application and register. Step 3: Watch the video that appears on the page and proceed to do the steps correctly. Step 4: Mine Bitcoins for a month and apply what you learned in the video.




How to prove you done it

Send me your email with which you registered and send a screenshot inside the website, undermining.

I will not accept any payment if you do not send a screenshot !!!

Be an active month on the web and we will release the payment.

If you get more people to register (minimum 3) on the website with my link and send me screenshot of the registry of them I will give you a good gift!

Job Targeting

(this job is available for workers from all countries)

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