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1. Search Google for: inspirational family quotes 2. Click on SERP Listing https://viralrang(dot)com/****-********-******. Listing should be somewhere between page 5-10 on Google SERP 3. Scroll/ stay on page for 2-5 minutes. We are tracking you, if you do not stay on page for 2 minutes you will be added to exclude list. 4. Make a comment on the page, must be more than 25 keywords. 5. Click on any other link on the Sidebar that stays on another viralrang(dot)com page, do not click on a link that takes you to another domain. 6. Exit Browser Or Browser Tab, Do Not Click Back Button 8. Finished

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1- Screenshot of the search position of my link in the search result (give a screenshot of result page where showing my website link in Google search result page).

2- Your Name and Your comment text copy that you enter them on our website.

3- Your IP address.

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