USA Clicks-$0.50 PPC Affiliate Program

CPA Affiliate Marketing:How to join Pay per click Affiliate Program that Pay you $0.50 PPC commission?


This offer

any advertiser need to buy clicks, you should deliver to us this type of advertisers, to the service page, every advertiser buy a clicks from us, you will get a commission that stated.

The page of service

Affiliate Feature

  • Commission: $0.50 PPC
  • Devices:  All
  • Cookies Period: 90 (days)
  • Country: USA 88% – Canada 3% – The rest 9%
  • Type Of CPA: Cost Per Click

What are the steps:

To start gain the money, you have to join by pressing the button below, and use the referral URL in campaigns in google adwords, facebook ads, bing ads, media buy (using landing page) any direct referral URL in advertising campaign would be suspend your account and so on to invite the people to click your referral URL and purchase the service or some affiliate programs the action to be awarded is to signup may be to give a call, give your opinion or even download a particular item  . every program has its own needed action. so read carefully every affiliate program before starting joining.  

Very Important Notes

Once your all of monthly payouts has been calculated . we will send you the monthly email includes the all payouts details to withdraw them.

How to join this program of affiliate?

Press the button below, once your steps has been completed, you will download a file that include the necessary information & referral URL.

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