How to Make a Million In China

How to Make a Million In China?

Business Owners: Are You Ready To Take Advantage Of The $1.5 Trillion Chinese Export Boom?

As you know, China is one of the fastest growing economies on the planet and a formidable force within the manufacturing industry. From toys to tractors, everywhere you go, you can find a plethora of goods manufactured in China.

Just imagine for a minute if, instead of buying all those “Made in China” products, you were SELLING them! There are literally billions of dollars traded with China everyday, and it’s only getting bigger. And if you could get a slice…


What would that do for your business?What difference would it make to your ‘bottom line’?How would it affect your lifestyle?Of course, importing from China is one thing … getting it right is quite another.

I’m Lindy Chen, Founder and Managing Director of ChinaDirect Sourcing. My specialty is bringing business people from China and the West together for mutual business prosperity.

Lindy Chen BSc(AppMaths), BA(Ed)

ChinaDirect Founder & Managing Director

Lindy is a world leading authority on doing business with China.

  • Author, ‘Import From China. How To Make a Million… and Not Get Burnt!’
  • Finalist – WIB Qld Businesswoman Of The Year, ’08 and ’07
  • Finalist – Small Business Champion Awards, Entrepreneur of The Year ’08 and ’07
  • Finalist – Australian Institute of Management Owner Manager of the Year ’08
  • Member, Australia China Business Council
  • 15 years experience in international trade
  • Board Member, Focus Certification, Quality assurance company certifying ISO 9001
  • Given seminars at James Cook University, ANZ Bank, Australian Institute of Management, Bank of Queensland, Australia Post, Qld Police and Gold Coast Institute of TAFE
  • Lecturer, International Trade, TAFE SA
  • Lecturer, Business Administration, The City Business College, SA

With over fifteen years international trade experience combined with my Chinese heritage I know what works when negotiating deals in China.

More importantly, I also know what doesn’t!

And now, I’m excited to announce that the totally updated Import from China—How to Make a Million … and Not Get Burnt book is finally here!

Take a look at just some of the valuable lessons you’ll learn in Import from China—How to Make a Million … and Not Get Burnt:

  • Which industries China can service without compromising the quality (p3)
  • The five myths about sourcing from China – miss these and you could be making HUGE mistakes (p26)
  • What is ‘Guanxi’ and how are you going to use it? (p29)
  • How to mobilise local assets (p30)
  • Four fundamental principles when dealing with Chinese Suppliers (34)
  • How to research potential suppliers (56)
  • How to perform a thorough landed cost calculation – know EXACTLY how much your importing will cost (p61)
  • The ultimate supplier selection criteria – so you don’t get stung with a dud supplier who sinks your business (64)
  • Optimal negotiation strategy – don’t miss this if you don’t want to lose your shirt! (p89)
  • How to perform your product inspections (p107)

Are you one of the many business owners already taking the first steps into China by researching on the web?

Then this book is THE must-have resource to get you importing NOW!

This 154 page book is NOT AN e-Book. It’s a physical copy which we’ll post to you, and provides detailed explanations of the processes and procedures involved in dealing successfully with China.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • The monetary costs of manufacturing in China
  • The geographical manufacturing regions and their specialties
  • The types of products you can source from China
  • How to separate cultural fact from fiction
  • 11 essential tips when dealing with China
  • 4 fundamental principles when dealing with Chinese suppliers
  • How to import from China using ChinaDirect Sourcing’s 3 Step Importing System

You’ll also receive a comprehensive CD ROM containing valuable checklists and templates that complement each lesson and make your importing easy and systematic.

The templates and checklists provided are worth many hundreds of dollars, and are yours FREE.

These templates include:

  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Communication Diary
  • Supplier Summary Report
  • Quote Comparison Report
  • Request For Quote – Example
  • Request For Quote
  • Sample Making – Comparison Report
  • Sample Making Agreement
  • Sample Improvement Requirements
  • Sample Improvement Requirements – Examples
  • Quality Assurance Checklist

Some of these templates money just can’t buy. You will not find them anywhere online. They’re templates we’ve developed over many years of trial and error, importing successfully for over 300 clients.

More than just a book, Import from China—How to Make a Million … and Not Get Burnt is a step-by-step, take-you-by-the-hand manual that will have you selling your own Chinese imported goods within 16 weeks and reaping the profits.

This book will get you started on your importing from China journey, and will walk you through the techniques and processes to ensure success.

And the processes and systems contained in IMPORTING FROM CHINA: How To Start Your Own Import Business Without Losing Your Shirt are completely applicable to all countries. So, whether you’re in Australia, USA, UK or anywhere else, you can get the best dealings with China using this book.

Did you get that part? This book is about Importing From China – from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, anywhere – this book works.

But don’t just take my word for it — look at these case studies:


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