How To Import From China

How To Start Your Own Import Business Without Losing Your Shirt?

In this easy to follow, step by step guide you’ll learn how to get massive savings having your product manufactured in china. secrets revealed in 100 pages by leading importing expert, lindy chen, managing director of award winning china direct sourcing.
Importing goods directly from the manufacturer in China is a proven path to outstanding profits. Through ChinaDirect Sourcing I have helped over 100 businesses quickly and dramatically increase their turnovers simply by applying the systems and procedures explained in IMPORTING FROM CHINA. How To Start Your Own Import Business Without Losing Your Shirt
  • Learn the checks and balances you need to take to assess the profitability of your venture (p4)
  • What are the actual manufacturing costs in China (p11)
  • The ChinaDirect Importing Process – how to achieve a 100% ‘Product to Standard’ success rate in a 12 week cycle (p52)
  • The Value Check – how to make sure the numbers will add up for the project and leave you with profits (p18)
  • How to choose the right suppliers – Contrary to popular belief, finding the right supplier does NOT depend on luck but a tried and proven system. (p27)
  • 11 Essential Strategies When Dealing With China (p32)
  • How to effectively manage a Chinese supplier – so they don’t end up managing you (p42)
  • The 3 levels of pricing in China – don’t get lumped with the inflated International price (p63)
  • Discover how to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) when dealing with Chinese suppliers – we show you how to have your supplier sign a non-disclosure agreement (p54)
  • Optimal negotiation strategy – don’t miss this if you don’t want to lose your shirt! (p84)
  • Decipher the rules and regulations you need to know about shipping and Customs (p95)
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