How To Grow Your Donor Database

How To Grow Your Donor Database?

Learn The Secrets To Developing A Donor-centric Fundraising Plan For Your Nonprofit Organization And Raise All The Money You Need To Focus On Your Mission – Instead Of Chasing Dollars!


Here’s just some of what you’ll be learning:

  • How shifting your focus from money to building relationships will take the stress out of fundraising (and raise more money!)
  • How to tell an emotional story that engages your supporters at their deepest core
  • Who your best donor is – and why knowing matters
  • What donor-centricity really means (you only think you know)
  • How to create a marketing mix so you’re always in your supporters’ hearts
  • How to create a donor newsletter that brings in money all year long
  • How to create your organization’s monthly giving program – and how to grow it!
  • How to write direct mail appeals that touch the heart – and reel in the dollars!
  • How to use email to build relationships
  • How to streamline your grants program with general operating support
  • How to select the database that’s right for your organization – now and five years from now
  • How to create a manageable strategy for social media
  • How to create a bequest program


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